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The Mover XT has been designed around a lightweight brushless DC motor. The Mover XT benefits from being 5kg lighter than its predecessor the Truma SE R.

The Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® allows extremely precise directional stability. This is achieved by clever electronics that monitor the motors and ensure they always move at the correct speed.

The Truma Mover XT range sets new standards for low weight, precision control and ease of use. The Mover® XT for single axle and the Mover® XT2 for twin axle caravans.

The new Mover XT is also the first mover that uses a brushless DC motor. This extremely efficient high-tech motors allow considerable weight savings and the improved efficiency of the motor means it can be operated on a much smaller leisure battery.

The Mover XT is 5 kg lighter that its predecessor the SE R and needing only a 38Ah battery means more space and more loading options for your caravan.

The Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® delivers precise directional control. This is achieved by smart electronics that monitor the motors and ensure they always move at the correct speed regardless of inclines of obstacles. This means the caravan moves straight ahead like it's on rails and it easily overcomes any obstacles without drifting from side to side.

The Truma Mover XT remote uses separate controls for speed and steering control. These intuitive controls allow you to steel the caravan on variable radius curves, very useful when manoeuvring in tight spaces or hitching your caravan.

The Mover XT is designed for single-axle caravans with an allowed overall weight of 2,300 kg on a gradient of 13%, the Mover® XT2 for two-axle vehicles weighing 2,400 kg (10% gradient).

Truma Mover XT Features

  • Mover XT and XT2 will be launched in February
  • New brushless DC motors for efficiency and light weight
  • Needs only a 38 Ah battery
  • 5 kg lighter than its predecessor the SE R
  • Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® for directional stability
  • All new remote with separate speed and steering controls
  • Stops immediately on release of remote controls
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Mover XT (single axle) and XT2 (Twin axle) models

Truma Mover XT Specification

Model Truma Mover XT
Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
Avg current consumption 20 Amps
Max current 140 Amps
Speed ?? cm/s
Weight 28 kg
Permissible overall weight ?? kg
Permissible overall weight on 10% Gradient 2,300 kg
Recommended caravan leisure battery 12V 38 Ah minimum
Warranty 5 years

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