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Meet the award-winning Reich easydriver infinity. The infinity range builds on the already outstanding easydriver design, and, now includes the easydriver app, making it even simpler and more intuitive to control.

The award-winning Reich easydriver infinity builds on an already outstanding design, and, thanks to the easydriver app, is now even simpler and intuitive to control.

There are two versions: the infinity 2.5 for single axle caravans of up to 2,500 kg and the infinity 3.5 for twin axle caravans of up to 3,500 kg.

Roller engagement is fully automatic controlled from the app with the tap of a single button.

easydriver infinity features

  • the latest prize-winning design
  • amazing efficiency thanks to 30% more efficient transmission and optimised motor
  • mechanics are completely sealed and protected against water ingress
  • simple installation
  • flexible installation thanks to the tyre-free concept (free positioning of the roller on the tyre) in conjunction with a long engaging path of 70 mm
  • controller app included as standard
  • key operating data displayed in real-time (e.g. incline, battery status, etc.)
  • excellent traction for on inclines, wet grass, mud and rough terrain
  • softstart and softstop
  • automatic roller engaging and disengaging
  • zero to minimal loss of ground clearance (depending upon the chassis type)

easydriver infinity Specification


infinity 2.5

infinity 3.5

Model 527-15525 527-15535
Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC 12 Volt DC
Average Current 
level ground
20 Ampere 30 Ampere
Weight approx. 29 kg approx. 58 kg
Overall Weight
up to 12% gradient
2,500kg 3,500kg
Overall weight
on 27% Gradient
1,200kg 1,800kg
Cross actuation Automatic Automatic
Warranty 5 yrs 5 yrs


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