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The new Truma Mover® XT and XT2

Truma have announced that their new range of caravan movers - the Mover XT and the Mover XT2 - will be launched at the Caravan and Camping Show 2014 at the NEC Birmingham in February 2014. The new Mover XT caravan movers set new standards for low weight, precision manoeuvring and operating ease.

Lower Weight

Truma Mover XTThe new Mover XT is 5 kg lighter than its predecessor the SE R. This is largely due to Truma making the switch to very efficient, high tech motors. Truma is the first manufacturer to use brushless DC motors in the Mover XT and XT2. The XT and the XT2 can operate from a much smaller battery capacity of 38 Ah. This offers a double weigh saving from both the mover and the smaller battery needed.

Brushless motors offer several advantages compared to conventional brushed DC motors, including higher efficiency and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear, more torque per weight, more torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability and a longer lifetime.

High precision

The new Mover® XT uses the Truma Dynamic Mover Technology® to deliver precise direction stability even over uneven ground. The Mover XT's electronics constantly monitors the actual speed of the motors and compensates for and variations. This means the caravan moves over obstacles like it is on rails - no side to side drifting. The system also makes predictable steering easy and precise.

Truma Mover XT remote control handsetNew remote control

Truma have also furnished the Mover XT with a brand new remote control hand set. On this they have separated the controls for speed and steering. A control knob is used to steer and a slider controls speed. With this control system it means you can now drive variable radii curves and control the speed with great precision. As you can imagine, this is a huge benefit when hitching to your towing vehicle or manoeuvring in tight spaces.

The remote is also very intuitive to use as all you have to do is align the remote with the caravan to see exactly where you are placing the caravan.

Quality German engineering

Truma Movers are made in Germany to exacting standards. Like the whole Move range, the Mover® XT and XT2 are 100% safe and reliable. The MoversĀ® stop immediately when you release the remote control, even on a slope.

The Mover® XT is designed for single axle caravans and can move an allowed weight of 2,300 kg on a 13% gradient.

The Mover® XT2 is designed for twin axle caravans and can mover an allowed weight of 2,400 kg on a 10% gradient.

In common with call Truma caravan movers the Mover XT and Mover XT both come with a five year warranty and all parts.

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