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Motor Mover Plus

Motor Mover Plus

The Motor Mover Plus Twin is mounted beneath your caravan, and powers the wheels directly from motors on each side. The motors are remote controlled by a hand set.

For Single Axle Version click here.

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Motor Mover Plus TWIN-  caravan mover

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The Motor Mover Plus TWIN can turn a caravan within a small turning circle by controlling the relative speed of left and right wheels..

The Motor Mover Plus twin is designed to be unobtrusive, and offers excellent ground clearance

Motor Mover Plus Features

  • Powerful - up to 1 in 4 slopes can be climbed and with two driven wheels even difficult and wet terrain can be negotiated.
  • Rotate caravan on its own axis (single axle version) - this is done by selecting one wheel forward and the other in reverse.
  • Minimal reduction in ground clearance - just 30mm added below the chassis.
  • Supersoft start and stop - provides jerk free control.
  • Holds the caravan on slopes - up or down slopes not a problem.
  • Automatic brake - release any control button for any reason and the Motor Mover will stop the caravan.
  • Removable motor, gearbox and rollers - great for security and winter storage; also reduces the weight to only 17.5 kgs when the mover is not required.
  • Wireless remote control - position yourself where you need to be.
  • One piece rollers for strength - no chipping or corrosion problems.One side roller engagement - caravan can be parked next to a wall. (Note: Cross actuation kit is an additional cost option).
    For full electronic roller engagement see the Motorglide.
  • Automatic cut off - if the unit is not used for twenty minutes it will close down.
  • Electrical protection - the control system protects itself from overloading, overheating and reverse polarity.
  • Durable - stainless steel fasteners and stoved epoxy polyester paint for corrosion resistance.
  • Back up lead provided - should radio interference be a problem.
  • Uses 12 volt DC leisure battery.
  • Twin Axle version available - pulses the inside wheel during a turn.
  • Four Wheel Drive version also available, please call for details.


Motor Mover Plus - Caravan Mover Specification

Model Motor Mover Plus
Manufacturer Motor Mover Ltd
Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
Avg current consumption 25 Amps
Max current 160 Amps
Speed 30 cm/s
Weight 30.1 kg
Permissible overall weight 2,000 kg
Permissible overall weight on 15% Gradient 1,800 kg
Recommended caravan leisure battery 12V 110Ah
Warranty 5 years.


The Motor Mover range: Motor Mover Plus, Motorglide

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