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AL-KO Caravan Movers

AL-KO Caravan Movers

AL-KO Mammut

AL-KO AMS Mammut smart caravan mover for single axle vans. Precision manoeurving via intuitive joystick remote control.

Al-ko-AMS Mammut

AL-KO AMS Mammut Smart Mover

Joystick manoeuvring for your caravan. AMS Mammut the clever caravan manoeuvring system.


AL-KO AMS Mammut - the smart caravan mover for your single axle caravan. Precision manoeurving via the intuitive joystick remote control.
AL-KO UK currently employs over 90 employees and has a turnover of over 20 million. The AL-KO group currently employs around 4,000 personnel in over 40 countries, primarily in Europe but also in the USA and China. Turnover exceeds £350m. Worldwide, the group has manufactured over 6 million axles to date.

The AL-KO AMS range: AL-KO AMS Mammut

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