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The all new Powrtouch Evolution™ caravan mover is the next generation of mover from Powrtouch and sets a standard for others to match..

Comes in single, twin and all wheel drive versions and manual and auto engagement.

The Evolution features the latest developments in innovation and also represents excellent value for money plus its backed by PowrTouch's five year no quibble guarantee.

The Evolution is designed and developed in the UK and features the choice of manual or full automatic roller engagement at the touch of a button. The Evolution features an ultra efficient power train and a brand new state of the art four pole electric motor with increased functionality.

All movements are controlled by a remote handset. Simply press one of the buttons on the handset to move in any direction and even turn the caravan on its own axis. The lightweight aluminium rollers provide superb grip and durability.

Fitting the Powrtouch Evolution to the caravan does NOT require any welding or drilling of the chassis making fitting quick and simple.

The soft start feature allows the caravan to manoeuvre very accurately before full speed is achieved. Braking is completely automatic and occurs immediately the finger is removed from the selected button.

The Powrtouch Evolution also offers variable speed control. The control system allows the mover to be driven at 100% speed, 75%, 50% or 25% - perfect for even more precise manoeuvring.

There are six variants of the Powrtouch Evolution:

Auto Engage Single Auto Engage Twin Auto Engage All Wheel Drive
Manual Engage Single Manual Engage Twin Manual Engage AWD


Powrtouch Evolution features

  • PowrTouch 5 year no quibble Guarantee
  • Ultra efficient power train, high-grip lightweight 70mm dia extruded Aluminium rollers
  • New state-of-the-art 4-pole electric motor
  • Soft Start - Less stress to the chassis giving complete, fluent control to the operator enabling effortless parking in tight spaces easy connection to towing vehicle
  • Automatic electronic roller engagement or manual versions
  • Centre push design
  • Compact design offering better ground clearance.
  • British design and engineering - COP305 compliant
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 & TUV approved
  • Unique two button safety control to activate system.
  • Low battery flashing indicator on control box and hand set
  • Braking occurs immediately your finger is released from the operating buttons
  • Automatic 20 minute cut off if unit is not in use.
    Reverse polarity protected (against incorrect battery connection)
  • Palm sized, lightweight, handheld remote controller with holder
  • Additional back up lead should you experience interference with radio controlled handset
  • Easily transferred if caravan is upgraded.
  • Works on wet or uneven terrain
  • Easy DIY installation for the competent person
  • Single piece powder-coated Aluminium casting
  • Motor overload protection
  • Advanced safety features built into electronic control box

Powrtouch Evolution Specification

Model Powrtouch Evolution
Roller Engagement Full Electronic Auto or manual
Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
Avg current consumption 20 Amps
Max current 80 Amps
Speed 28 cm/s
Weight 30 kg approx.
Permissible overall weight 2,800 kg
on 15% Gradient 2,300 kg
on 20% Gradient 2,100 kg
on 25% Gradient 1,800 kg
Recommended caravan leisure battery 12V 85Ah
Warranty 5 years


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