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The easydriver basic is suitable for single axle caravans up to 1,600 kg. 

The easydriver basic is the latest no-frills caravan mover from Reich. Good German engineering offering reliable and powerful control of your caravan. The easydriver basic is suitable for single axle caravans up to 1,600 kg. The easydriver basic offers millimetre precision control via the smart new remote.

The new easydriver range has addressed the problem of long term corrosion with a special mix of new materials. Roller engagement on this model is via a hand lever or cordless screwdriver/drill. Cross actuation is standard, engaging both rollers from one side.

Made in Germany by Reich and has a full 5 year warranty

easydriver basic features

  • Simple manoeuvring, even in tight spots
  • Cross actuation is standard using a hand lever or cordless screwdriver from one side
  • The travel of the engagement slide is extended to ensure optimum contact between roller and tyres
  • Compact and simple to operate
  • A special mix of materials for less weight and a lasting protection against corrosion
  • High-performance sliding bearings on the engaging mechanism
  • Preserving your ground clearance

easydriver basic Specification


Easydriver Basic 1.6

Model 527-15116
Operational Voltage 12 Volt DC
Average Current 
level ground
20 Ampere
Weight approx. 32 kg
Overall Weight
up to 12% gradient
Overall weight
on 25% Gradient
Cross actuation Manual
Warranty 5 yrs


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