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Frequently asked questions about caravan movers

What is a caravan mover?

A caravan mover, sometimes called a motor mover or caravan motor mover, is a system of electric motors which drives rollers pressed against the tyres of your caravan. These motors are individually controlled from a hand held remote control that looks a lot like your TV remote (but way simpler!). Using this remote you can move your caravan forward and backwards and turn it. The motors drive the caravan at about walking pace and start gently so you can be really precise with your movements. A caravan mover system eliminates the need to all that pushing and shoving (and arguing), to be honest it's the ultimate "big boy's toy" a full size radio control vehicle. When towing your caravan the motors are retracted and are kept clear of the tyres.

Will a caravan mover work on single and twin axle caravans?

Yes, most manufacturers supply a range of caravan mover that are designed for either twin or single axle caravans. Single axle systems are the simplest - two wheels, two motors. Single axle systems are also the most manoeuvrable, by driving one wheel forward and one backwards you can spin the caravan on the spot. Twin axle caravans use the same type of motors, but they are controlled differently, when turning the wheels on the inside of the turn are 'pulsed' to reduce scrubbing of the tyres. This means that twin axle caravan cannot be spun on the spot, but can be turned by a series of short forward and backwards movements.

How are the drive rollers engaged?

Mover systems can be broadly divided into auto and manual roller engagement. With electric auto-engage, you just press a button on the remote and the motor units are moved into position on the tyres. Many of these systems will sense the pressure and automatically apply the correct amount - this compensates for tyre wear. Manual engage systems work either by manually cranking the motor into position using something like a wheel spanner or an electric drill and attachment, or they are are cranked into position using a cam type system which needs just a half turn to engage.

For a twin axle caravan should I use 4 motors?

Twin axle caravan are usually heavier and do require a more powerful system to move them, particularly over obstacles like curbs. Also with 4 wheel systems on rough ground is is possible for one wheel to be lifted off the ground - if that is the one with the motor then you've lost traction. In a nutshell, lighter twin axle caravans are OK with just two drive wheels, but heavier caravan and where you expect to encounter uneven ground go to a 4 motor system.

What else should I look for?

It is always worth looking at the different warranties on offer, these can range from two to five years. Also bear in mind that when these items are self fitted the warranty will cover parts only. Should you not want to fit the mover yourself please give us a call and we'll arrange professional fitting for you..

Are they easy to fit?

Most competent DIYers can fit a mover system in a morning or afternoon. There are excellent installation manuals and quite a few good installation videos to be found on YouTube too. If you get stuck we can usually offer help on the phone and if you really don't want to fit it yourself, give us a call and we can help arrange professional fitting for you.

Can I transfer the mover to a new caravan?

Yes, the caravan mover systems are clamped onto your caravan chassis, no drilling. So when it comes time to change the caravan you can remove and re-fit your mover.

Does this affect my caravan's leisure battery?

It can, movers will draw quite a heavy current if they are on a slope and used for an extended time. It is important that you leisure battery is in good condition. Most manufacturers will recommend a leisure battery with a capacity of between 85 Ah and 110 Ah depending on the model.


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